Our History…

CSR for Russia was established in Moscow in 2012 and originally bore the name of one of our programs, “Otkritki Detei”. It was founded by Eric Schempp, who spent 14 years in Russia, working with charitable organizations implementing a variety of programs to protect orphans and other marginalized groups.  He also built and implemented programs to educate future entrepreneurs in economically unstable regions of Russia.  Eric worked closely with charities, donors and businesses and noticed that the public and private sectors often had trouble understanding each other.  He became involved in corporate social responsibility initiatives, which eventually led him to creating CSR for Russia.

Our Growth…

Initially, CSR for Russia focused on create holiday cards — first printed cards and then adding eCards.  Over time, “Otkritki Detei” became very popular and companies and charities have loyally participated in this program year after year, showing the world that they are social responsibility companies that help children in need.

At the end of 2014,  CSR for Russia decided to expand its product line to include Pryaniki – traditional Russian gingerbread cookies.  The new product was also warmly received by our friends and partners.  The Pryaniki are decorated with Children’s designs, are beautiful and very tasty!

In 2015,  CSR for Russia decided to add another program called, “Gifts For the Soul”.  These gifts are uniquely design boxes that contain some of nature’s tastiest products.  They are a different type of gift — They connect people to nature and draw attention to social issues while fostering the talents, education and advocacy of children.

And we continue to grow…

In mid-2015, we updated and improved our website and created a new logo that we love.  All our programs, artwork and designs are now centrally located on one bright and colorful website.  And to top it off, placing orders with us has become even easier.  CSR for Russia is growing every day and we have many ideas which we plan to implement in the coming years.

We support children because we believe that their creativity is the most vast powerful source of inspiration!  And with you partnership, this is a message we can spread throughout the world!


Eric Schempp

Founder of CSR for Russia
E-mail: eric.schempp@csrforrussia.com

A specialist in international management, projects management and marketing

“I know how difficult it is for charitable organizations and orphanages to exist without support.  I am happy that we have been able to establish a link between businesses and charities and give people the opportunity to help improve the lives of orphans and disadvantaged children”

Ekaterina Bazhenova

Development Director, Program Manager “Otkritki Detei“, “eCards“, “Pryaniki Detei“, “Sunny Macaroons”.

Specialist of Crosscultural Communication, Translator.

“I absolutely love children’s creativity!  I am very happy to be part of the CSR for Russia team and bring love and beauty to the world!”

Vera Vlasova

Program Manager “Gifts for the Soul”, “Chocolate Bouquets”,”Beatiful Lady”.
E-mail: vera.vlasova@csrforrussia.com

Designer of hand made accessories and knitting clothes.

“I have always been very interested in working with children and helping them to improve their skills, abilities and knowledge. CSR for Russia gives me the opportunity to work with creativity and help children.”


In 2015, our team partnered with a very talented children’s art studio called “Kolibri”.  Little artists from Tashkent (Uzbekistan) really liked our project, CSR for Russia, and the idea that creativity can help children in orphanages. Today our collection of artwork is significantly enriched by the excellent work of young artists from Uzbekistan.  We are in deep gratitude to Olga V. Yaikova and the “Kolibri” art studio.

Olga V. Yaikova

Artist, designer, member of the Uzbekistand Academy of Arts, winner of international competitions for designers, Head of the “Kolibri” are studio.

“Kolibri” is an art studio of graphic literacy, school of young designers and creative laboratory.  Children as young as 5 years old visit the art studio.  Our artists have won a countless number of medals and awards in national and international competitions in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Italy, Netherlands, Turkey, India, Egypt and Iran. The art studio was founded more than 25 years ago under the name “Raduga” but later changed its name to “Kolibri”.  Olga V. Yaikova, head of the art studio, says “Children are my main inspiration and my colleagues and co-workers. It’s wonderful to have so many graduates of this art studio that choose art as their future profession.  They chose which form of art they want to pursue including fashion design, illustration, interior design and teachers of art.  I am very glad that our graduates multiply their knowlege, success and beauty of the world.”


At the moment we support four orphanages in various regions in Russia:

  • GOU YaO “Sun” Orphanage (Yaroslavl)
  • GBOU “Spring” Kalyazinsky Orphanage Kalyazinsky orphanage (Kalyazin, Tver region)
  • GOU YaO Mahalovsky Orphanage. A.L.Voronina (Malakhovo, Tutayevsky District, Yaroslavl region)
  • GOU YaO Uglich Orphanage (Uglich, Yaroslavl region)

We hope that our project will continue to grow in the future and we will be able to help even more children.

Thank You Letters from Orphanages we Help

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